Virtual prototype testing

Want to validate your prototype?
Are not sure about product functionality or device?
Are not sure about product functionality or device?
Want more reliable products?

If you answered yes at least one time we have a solution for you


Together we analyze our product propose or prototype and we define what product should do.

Analysis, optimization

We check in this phase, if your material propose and design in feasible to the product  realization or functionality. Analysis and evaluation is done in certified ANSYS software base on ISO 9001:2015. If you would like to save material and mass, we specialize to the shape and topology optimization. This helps to save mass however strenght is maintained.

Results, suggestions

Detailed results of virtual testing are delivered to you in presentation form and detailed text report form if necessary. We show you critical locations you should be aware during product development. In the case of optimization we supply to you 3D model optimized for your manufacturing equipment. We cooperate with physical testing laboratory therefore the experimental test could be done with ceritficate.

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