Technical calculations and simulations

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Situation analysis and consultation with customer

The structural analysis is one part to make your product excellent. There are two ways. First one is to manufacture your product and then do the experimental tests at laboratory. This solution is expensive and it is good to be used for final product. Therefore we offer helping hand during product development. If you already have proposed product, simly send us CAD model, best in neutral format (STEP, IGES, STL), however also native format (CATIA, Creo, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Inventor). Next step is to tell us about loads acting to the product a type of material. If you do not have everything simply send us email or contact us via phone and together we will find solution.


Structural simulation considers loads acting to the product. The Finite Element Method divide 3D model to the small elements which together makes finite element mesh. Forces and loads are applied to this model resulting to the stress/strain plots. Talking about dynamic analysis, it is always good idea to find mode shapes with its natural frequency as a first step. Then we see product behavior to the forced frequency loading. Thermal analysis is good instrument to see product behavior during thermal loading or thermal conduction within product.

Post Processing and suggestions

Analysis postprocessing is done in several steps. Firstly we look into the Von Mises stress to see, if the loading is not to high. If high stress appear, the detailed analysis is performed. If we conclude that load is to high we suggest use better material or change the design to meet loading criteria. If the stresses are not several times higher than ultimate strength of material we deeply look if the stresses do not exceed ultimate strength by using non linear static analysis. All those requirements are dependent of customer product and working conditions. However the stresses should not exceed material yield strength at most situations. Talking about dynamic analysis, it is mandatory that wokring frequencies are faw away of natural frequencies of product itself.

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